The basis for the functioning of our store is the verification of the originality of products - this is the key and most important procedure. Since the beginning of the Boutique Finest project, we have sold several thousand products - each thoroughly checked and verified.

If during the verification we have doubts about the originality of the product sent, and the owner is unable to provide the documents necessary for verification, we do not take the risk of listing such a product.

We want Boutique Finest to offer interesting and timeless products. At the same time, taking care of the satisfaction of our customers, we try to ensure that all products on our website are in the best condition.

Verification is the responsibility of people with many years of experience in the fashion industry and contacts in many company stores. It is no secret that if we use all the possibilities to confirm the authenticity of the products, we do not have 100% originality of the product - we use specialized and certified international companies. They are freely available and well known in the industry.